TEDD HALVERSON guitar, vocals

Tedd has been a member of the Twin Cities music scene for over thirty years. He is a versatile guitarist accomplished in many music styles including blues, rock, R&B, country and Americana. He has played with such local favorites as Lost Soul, The Minneapolis Molines, Molly and the Heymakers, Fatt City, The Alphalpha Males, and the Retractions. Tedd is well known for his tasteful, tuneful, twangy style and sassy slide guitar. 

LARRY HOFMANN bass, vocals

Larry fell in love with music at an early age, and by seventeen was on the road with his first band. In college while earning a degree in art, he worked constantly with various groups playing teen dances and ballrooms. After relocating to Minneapolis he devoted himself to music for over a decade before quitting to pursue a career as a painter. Unable to stay away from music he eventually began playing again and now works as both artist and musician. He brings a wealth of experience, an animated stage presence, and a love of groove to every show. Some of the groups/artists with whom he has performed are: Skin Trade, Crockett, Passage, Hoot, Willie Walker, Fat Chants, Larry Suess, Frank Boyle’s New Icons and ROTU.


Garr started playing drums at sixteen and is often referred to as one of the most creative, solid and consistent drummers in the Twin Cities area. Garr’s rock-solid tempo and tasteful fills create the backbone groove of the band. He’s played with many local, regional and national acts including The System, White Lightning, Danny Holien, The Other Brothers, The Rockin’ Hollywoods, Spark, Ross William Perry, Joe Juliano, and Lisa Wenger and Her Mean Mean Men.

GLENN MANSKE keyboards, vocals

Glen has been performing with local, regional, and national acts since the age of seventeen. He is one of the most creative rock & roll and R & B keyboard players in the Twin Cities area. His charismatic authenticity speaks for itself in the way he captivates an audience as he sings and plays. He's performed with many local, regional and national groups such as: Bobby Vee, Spark, Zenner, Raggs, G-Man, The Boogiemen, The Generators, The Other Brothers, Swing Bang, The Rave-Ons, and others.